« Mettez la main à la pâte »

The Bakery

Régionale Bakery relies on over 30 employees who bake some 75 products each week. We care about quality and variety, and we see the importance of dreaming big so our community can have a solid business they can count on, just a few steps away.

Local Partnership

The three IGA COOPs of the islands now own 100% of the shares of the Boulangerie Regionale entity.

Our Team

General Manager: Paméla Bénard

Administration:Hélène Bourque

We owe our reputation of excellent customer service to, among others, our dedicated delivery staff. Everybody knows our two right-hand men, Stéphane and Sylvio Chevarie. Thank you both.

Experienced bakers who care about their work, baker helpers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, a deli team who not only knows how to do their job, but who knows how to do it well, and a pastry team who looks after the finer details. Thank you all for being part of this adventure. If you’d like to join our team, please contact us.